Standardising resume creation, making it easy for a large IT consultancy to find and connect the right people to new projects

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Incentro is an IT Consultancy firm, employing over 450 professionals across the Netherlands, Spain, and Kenya. Most of the employees regularly apply for new projects and resume creation is a critical aspect of this process. Unfortunately, crafting resumes is currently very time-consuming, diverting valuable time away from project work.
Streamline and accelerate the resume creation process, making it more intuitive and standardized.


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The process involved four stages:
  1. Discover: Research and exploration.
  2. Define: Problem definition and scope.
  3. Develop: Ideation and prototyping.
  4. Deliver: Implementation and execution.


I used generative interviews to really get to know what the users and the business needed

Key Insight #1: is an application necessary?
I wanted to figure out if building a new app was really worthwhile and, if so, how it could make a difference so in several interviews, I asked Consultants, Delivery Managers, and stakeholders the straightforward question:

"What's the advantage of having an application instead of our current setup with Google Docs and Drive?"

Here's a quick rundown of their answers:
  • Aestheticly pleasing resumes are difficult to create in google docs
  • No visual consistency between departments
  • No single source of truth
  • Lack of specific filtering options for delivery managers
Old way of working (google docs)
Key Insight #2: discovering a new user
Initially, the main focus was on the consultant and helping them to quickly create a resume. After several rounds of interviews we discovered that another mayor issue was that the Delivery Managers couldn't find the right resumes or get them fast enough.
Partially because consultants don't update them enough but also because it was quite hard to find the right person for the job. Imagine scrolling through 450+ consultants with 15+ different disciplines spread out over different folders and departments.


Key insights were distilled and prioritized in collaboration with the primary stakeholders through a combination of interviews and affinity mapping


A selection of the most interesting design challenges using wireframing, user testingrapid prototyping

"I have to send this resume today but the consultant isn't responding. I just have to remove a few hardskills."
- Delivery manager
Allow delivery managers to edit and assemble resumes themselves.
  • Delivery managers can't add content, only delete or re-order existing content.
  • Certain information isn't editable for moral reasons.
"Finding resumes in google drive is impossible without a filtering system." 
- Delivery manager
  • Every resume is categorised
  • Filters that fit the specific needs of a Delivery Manager
  • Scannable thumbnails
"People are not filling in their role or the language on their resume." 
- Me, after user testing
To ensure sufficient data for filtering, users are required to complete two mandatory fields before resume creation.
"My hardskills aren't included in the list provided. I want to add my own." 
- Consultant
Users receive suggestions from a predefined list of categories. When a user enters a new item, it is not treated as a new category until it receives approval from the admin.
  • Doesn't restrict a user to a predefined list, which was an issue during user testing
  • Still improves consistency within categories to make filtering manageable
  • Actually helps the user into categorising their skillset, role or any other category needed on their resume


A selection of the final UI, the main flows and the design system included in the handover

Main flows
Have a closer look in Figma: 
Spot - Main Flows
Design system
This is the file used for the handover.

Have a closer look in Figma:
Spot—Design System
My Resumes
User: consultant
Resume creator
User: consultant
User: consultant & delivery manager
Generate Resume
User: delivery manager


How was it working with me? 👀

"At that time we just needed a UX/UI professional. Kevin turned out to be a 100% fit, both professionally and as a person."
Tom Bauer
Project Manager
"We found Kevin to be extremely detail-oriented and ensured due diligence with research without it impacting the quality of the project. He was not afraid to suggest new processes and practices and implemented ideas that would help the team be more productive. He engaged really well with various Stakeholders and ensured their needs were met."
Alana Coetzee
Project Manager
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