Customer Experience Visualisation

One Customer Journey project and lots of data. To capture that in to a single image is no small feat. None the less, Conexperience and I accepted the challenge. Making sure Kpn got the most out of the obtained information.

Lead Designer
Information Design

With some quick sketches I structurized the information. This method allowed us to quickly test ideas with the relevant stakeholders and adjust accordingly.

When we got at the last phase of the sketching process we printed out the full poster and hung it up in the hallway. Everyone was encouraged to provide feedback. This provided us with valuable input to fine-tune the final product.

The end result: a massive poster stretching 6 by 4 feet wide.

To get the most out of the poster on a smaller medium, we made the decision to slice it up in to more manageable pieces. Perfect for using in a PowerPoint presentation or a quick email.

Each headline is backed up with a icon. Custom made to ensure the main message is captured perfectly.

The 27+ illustrations give the visualisation more depth and explain the highlighted situations in a blink of an eye.

“Kevin had a good estimate of what we needed and provided us with a some creative options to visualise our idea. Together we developed the final concept. The visuals are clear, playful and effective and support the vision we want to communicate.”
Bo-Kemp Lakic
Strategic Advisor CX—Kpn
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