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Designed to give real-time updates that are not only informative but also fun & engaging, covering essential metrics like Vitality, Team, Clients, and Sales.

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The Dashboard project aimed to enhance transparency and alignment within the organization. Providing real-time access to key performance indicators (KPIs) across four main categories: Vitality, Team, Clients, and Sales.

This tool aims to empower Incentro's employees to stay informed in a fun way to help the company stay on the right track.
Develop an Internal Dashboard that stimulates employee engagement by providing real-time updates on important metrics. It's important to lighten the mood and make the application fun to use.



Using Figma for the MVP
To quickly get the Dashboard up and running and test it without having to code we used Figma Prototypes to provide the initial bi-weekly updates to the team.
Controlling data from one central location
Master components made updates quick and precise, helping things to be manageable and fast.
Linking Figma with Google Sheets
To display up-to-date information and automise the process of updating we linked the Figma file to the Google Sheets files used by sales.
Example of the figma plugin used:Google Sheets Sync
Gamifying goals
A challenge was to stimulate the consultants to participate in activities like health or recruiting new team members. To encourage this we created gamified this with a reward system.

As an example if 30 employees applied for the gym subscription, they would get a reward like free sport socks.
Mobile version

& Design System


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Design System

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